Lagom × Attaché

The Attaché Guide to Travel, volume 1

A while ago we announced our partnership with the travel brand Attaché. Now, the 230-page book we’ve made together is available to buy. Expect a guidebook unlike any you’ve seen before, presented with the quality you’ve come to expect of Lagom.

We’re very proud to announce the availability of The Attaché Guide to Travel, volume 1, which we worked on with our friends at Attaché. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the finished book has been sent to backers of the project, and is now available to buy online and from selected stockists — and Lagom readers get 20% off using the promo code ‘LAGOM’.

The Attaché Guide to Travel, volume 1 is a guidebook like no other. Rather than being filled with all the usual tourist spots, or indeed the hidden, niche spots, the book’s aim is to get you in, out, and around various cities in the world — much like Attaché’s hugely popular YouTube series.

What does that mean in book form? It means eight to ten pages for every city (we have 21 in this first volume, in the area of Asia and Oceania), covering the essentials for any visitor:

All of this information is presented amongst beautiful photography, and all pages use a handy iconographic system for you to easily find your way around.

It was an absolute pleasure to provide creative and editorial direction to this book. To support the wonderful work of the Attaché team and equip yourself for your next flight, be sure to order the book online

And, if you’re interested in how the Lagom team an lend expertise to your own project, please get in touch.