Can I subscribe?

Yes, you can, and it’s the best possible way to support what we’re doing, so thank you in advance if you choose to subscribe!

How many issues are included in a subscription?

As of May 2018, we switched to a new model: all new subscriptions are recurring. In other words, you’ll get charged for the current issue, then you’ll only get charged again once we publish a new issue. All subscriptions start with the current issue and you can cancel at any time. (In other words, there’s only one issue in a subscription, but the subscription renews with each new issue unless you cancel.)

So buying a subscription is actually like buying a single issue?

Pretty much — except that once we release a new issue, your card gets automatically charged and the new issue is sent to you without you having to do anything. And again, you can cancel at any time.

So why is subscribing better, then?

The main benefit to you is that you can ‘set and forget’: once you’ve purchased a subscription, you can just let it run for as long as you like. (Did we mention you an cancel it at any point, too?) Subscriber copies are sent out before single-issue orders, so you’ll get yours a bit quicker, too. And, as a subscriber, you get a handy dashboard you can log into, where you can see which issues you’re due, what’s been sent, etc. For us, the benefit is that we have a better idea of who’s currently enjoying the magazine and supporting us.

What’s a ‘Patronage Subscription’?

The Lagom Patronage Subscription is a way for you to show your belief in what we’re doing with the magazine. In return for the higher-price subscription, you’ll get your name (or business name) printed in the next issue of the magazine, you’ll get 3 copies for your studio, and you’ll get shipping charges waived. For information about the Patronage Subscription, please visit

How do I check / update my subscription / address?

Simply log in using the email address used at the time of purchase, and our subscription system will tell you all you need to know. You can make changes as necessary, including updates to your shipping address.

I’ve been charged for the latest issue, but I didn’t want it

We’ll only ever charge you once a new issue is published. You can cancel the subscription at any point up to then to avoid a charge. The charge date will always be the same as the release date — and the same date we post the magazine to you. Once you’ve been charged, it means the magazine is on its way to you.

I subscribed before you moved over to this system and paid for multiple future issues up-front

That’s okay. Although we’ve retired that option from our online store, we have all of your ‘legacy’ details and will still send you the issues you’ve paid for as soon as they’ve been published. Once your subscription ends, we’ll contact you to ask if you’d like to move over to the new system. Nothing will be done without your consent!

Can I buy back issues?

Yes, all back issues are available to purchase. We also offer back-issue bundles so that you can buy our earlier issues together at a discounted price.

I’ve bought the latest issue, but I’ve decided I’d like to subscribe

Please contact Customer Support, quoting your order number, and we’ll give you a promo code to purchase a subscription minus the price you already paid for the current issue.

When will my magazine arrive?

Every Thursday, we collate all orders from the week and they’re usually shipped the same day. UK orders (which are sent First Class) should arrive in a day or two; European orders should arrive within about a week; international orders vary quite considerably and can take up to a month. If you’d like to know when your magazine was dispatched, please contact Customer Support, quoting your order number.

I’ve waited for ages and it’s still not here

Unfortunately, we’re at the mercy of the world’s postal services, and occasionally magazines do disappear into the ether. If you haven’t received your copy within one month of ordering, please contact Customer Support, quoting your order number, and we’ll get a replacement sent to you.

Can I pay to have my package tracked?

At this time we don’t offer package tracking due to the considerably higher cost.

What are your shipping rates?

Until April 2018, we charged a flat fee of £4 to anywhere in the world. Now, we have shipping rates sorted by region. We also now offer discounted shipping rates for multi-issue purchases. The new rates are as follows:

UK: £3.50
Europe:* £5.50
International: £6
* Denmark: £6.50

For bundles and multiple issues, the new costs will be:

UK: £5.50 for 2 copies, £6.50 for 3, £8 for 4, £9 for 5, £10 for 6+
Europe:** £9.50 for 2 copies, £12 for 3, £14.50 for 4, £18 for 5, £20 for 6+
International: £10 for 2 copies, £14 for 3, £18 for 4, £20 for 5, £25 for 6+
** Denmark: £11 for 2 copies, £16 for 3, £20 for 4, £24 for 5, £30 for 6+

I bought the printed edition — do I get the PDF, too?

The PDF edition is available as a separate purchase.

Can I contribute to a future issue?

We’re always on the look-out for new contributors and would love to hear from you about your ideas. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or illustrator, please get in touch.

I’d like to advertise in a future issue

Fantastic! We’d love to meet new potential partners. You can email us at [email protected].

I’d like a refund

Sorry, but all sales are final. However, if you have received a damaged copy, please contact Customer Support and we'll send you a replacement.

Who publishes Lagom?

Lagom is published by Margin Media, Ltd., a UK company owned by Elliot and Samantha Stocks. The company’s previous name, until March 2015, was Elliot Jay Stocks Design, Ltd.

Who prints Lagom?

We’re very proud to be printed by Taylor Brothers in Bristol, UK.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here

Please contact Customer Support and we’ll get you sorted.