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Lagom #10

In our tenth issue, Niko Dafkos, co-founder of Earl of East, comments that finding a work / life balance is too hard, that perhaps we should look more to a work / life integration instead. This sentiment has resonated with us and, if nothing else, cements the idea that, when trying to find a comfortable balance between the many different directions in which we’re pulled, balance will always be subjective: it’ll always be subject to change, and there’s no right or wrong way to go about finding it.

Lagom #10 is 100 pages and perfect-bound, and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior) with a foil-blocked, soft-touch laminated cover.

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The Lagom Guide to Tokyo’s Coffee Scene

Japanophile and coffee-lover Geri Coady provides a guide to the best coffee shops in Tokyo — one of the most exciting cities to visit for fans of speciality brew. And, with a little nod to the epic Prague coffee guide we had in our fifth issue, we felt it was only fitting to run another coffee-flavoured special feature for our tenth. Grab a cup and enjoy.

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More Visit

Hotel Galery69, Stawiguda

Opened out of a true passion for art rather than for commercial gain, this hotel has been lovingly decked out with paintings, sculptures, and furniture handmade by its owners — artists who became hoteliers almost by chance. Małgosia and Wojtek Żółtowsky can’t help but put art at the centre of everything they do, and their beautiful hotel is no exception.

Home & Studio Visit: Bembien

When we first discovered Bembien, the fashion accessories brand founded by former Vogue staffer Yi-Mei Truxes, we knew this tastemaker would have a beautiful home. But it was only after talking to her in person that we learned about the incredible story behind her studio, and we knew it was worth bending our own rules a little to take readers on a tour of her home and studio — located just four blocks from each other in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Business Spotlight: Earl of East

From humble beginnings running a stall at London’s iconic Netil Market, Earl of East founders Paul Firmin and Niko Dafkos taught themselves how to make candles, built a thriving business on the top of these skills, opened two bricks-and-mortar lifestyle stores to showcase their output and products by their favourite indie brands, and wrote a book — all in the space of five years, and all while balancing day jobs.

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More Create

Lagom × Xero

We spoke to Laura Jackson, co-founder of Popcorn Shed and long-time Xero customer, about keeping business in the family and the garden shed that inspired her brand.

Lagom × ClearScore

Designer-turned-artist Brendan Dawes talks us through his take on what success really looks like, and describes the paths he took to get his finances in check.

Artist Spotlight: Ben Peeters

Belgium-based artist Ben Peeters combines unusual materials such as clothing and soft toys to create his abstract bird sculptures.


Lalo!, Mexico City

The vibrant walls of Lalo!’s interior set the tone for relaxed and informal dining in Mexico City’s stylish Roma Norte neighbourhood, where friends and families come together to indulge in some of the best comfort food dishes from around the world.

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More Unwind

Fully Foraged: Nature-to-Table Fine Dining in Reykjavík

There’s more to Iceland’s beguiling and windswept land- scapes than meets the eye — at least, if you know where to look. Athina Kontos finds Iceland’s best kept secrets served up on a plate.

Sweating with Strangers

Saunas open to masses have always been an important part of Finnish culture, and today, Helsinki is in the middle of a new public sauna boom. Returning to her native country after years away, Finnish writer Heini Huhtinen found both comfort and joy in bathing with others.