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Lagom #3

When gathering content for an issue, we’re mindful of how each story interacts with the stories around it and how, together, they shape the theme of the magazine; but sometimes we find these themes emerge almost by themselves, with very little intervention from us. And so it goes with the theme for our third issue: sustainability; or, more accurately, how well sustainability can marry together with creativity.

Lagom is perfect-bound and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior), with a foil-blocked cover. Issue #3 contains 148 pages.

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Spaces & Places


When Jennie Nevin founded Green Spaces — Denver’s only dedicated eco-friendly co-working space — in 2009, she faced challenges from a community that was neither familiar with the concept of co-working, nor with running their businesses sustainably. Now that’s all changed.

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More Spaces & Places

Less is More

Believing that compact, off-the-grid living can solve a number of social, economic, and environmental issues, designer Vina Lustado traded in working on large, luxury designs in favour of small, sustainable living projects.

A Scenic Guide to Cycling Around The Bay Area

Kyle Meyer recently left his position as Product Designer at Facebook to return to independent life. Now able to set his own schedule, he’s found cycling to be a source of shower-time-style thinking for his work, and here he shares his favourite rides around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stockist Spotlight: No Guts No Glory, Exeter

In every issue of Lagom, we profile one of our stockists from around the world. This time we stayed relatively close to home and visited No Guts No Glory, an independent shop in Exeter run by proprietors Nathan and Hayley Maker.

Hotel Spotlight: The Thief, Oslo

Located on the Tjuvholmen Peninsula next to the prestigious Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, The Thief is a hotel with a passion for art writ large. We take a trip to Norway’s capital to admire The Thief’s rooms and suites, and hear stories of rock stars along the way.

Craft & Create

Different Strokes

Neil Secretario is a manager at a well-known package delivery company by day, and a freelance lettering artist by night. He discusses how he balances his professional hobby with his work and personal life, and what drives him to devote his spare time to the craft of lettering.

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More Craft & Create

Artist Spotlight: Hilla Shamia

Tel Aviv-based artist Hilla Shamia’s unique furniture collection is one of contrasts: combining wood and aluminium, she preserves the natural imperfections of the wood and the industrial precision of the aluminium. Here she explains the process and thought behind her work.

Practical: Lettering Process with Neil Secretario

Lettering artist Neil Secretario offers a hands-on demonstration of just how he created our beautiful ‘enough is as good as a feast’ print — a process that combines the analogue world of brush lettering with the precision of digital tools.

The Evolution of Hand-Made

Starting out her business, Amelia Rope prided herself on her luxury, hand-made chocolates. But she was soon to learn that the hand-made process was holding her business back, and moving toward the mechanical production process was much more beneficial than she’d realised.

Glass Half Full

Brooklyn isn’t short of craft breweries, but Other Half Brewing are challenging just what’s achievable by a two-man team, and are winning over new fans daily with their excellent beer.

The Art of Waste

Where some might see a weather-worn piece of drift wood, artist Peter Gilbert might see a bird, or a face. For him, the discarded items we call waste are objects to be reborn as art.

Escape & Recharge

Forest of Frequencies

Sebastian Mullaert has lent his name to countless techno compositions, all created in his cabin studio deep in the Swedish woods. We visited Sebastian and discovered his passion for being present in the moment, aided by nature and a desire to inspire presence in others.

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More Escape & Recharge

Call of The Wild Sea

As he prepares to launch the new startup-focused publishing venture, Tiny Books, Christopher Murphy explores the importance of taking time out to recharge your creative batteries. Here he shares his passion for wild swimming and the benefits of unwinding in the sea.

The Perfect Blend

As proof that good ideas can come about as a result of visiting your local pub, Glasgow-based whisky fans Drew Nicolson and Andy Davidson set up a side-business — Whisky Blender — that allows customers to blend whiskies together to create their own unique drink.

Cassette Culture

Even in our digital age, tape record labels around the world are soaring. DIY, hand-crafted releases are proving more popular than ever, as independent artists opt to showcase their songs through a format of days-gone-by.

Recipe: Marinated Sardines with Artichoke & Serrano Ham Salad

As we continue to unwind, our new food contributors Julie-Anne Cassidy and Maryse St-Amand draw influence from a 1930s recipe book, and add a modern twist to cook up a delicious feast with the humble sardine.

Whisky Talk: 6 Phrases You Should Never Say

If our interview with Drew and Andy of Whisky Blender has piqued your interest in the sometimes-controversial method of blending, be prepared to dive right down the rabbit hole. Don’t worry, though — Drew is here to help keep those embarrassing dinner party outbursts to a minimum.