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Lagom #5

With Lagom #5, you’ll notice a new focus on travel and discovery, as we visit a cocktail bar at the back of a Mac repair shop in London, try sapas at Juuri, Helsinki, and discover Riga’s rising creative community, independent brands, and role as an up-and-coming location for foodies in a piece written by Benji Knewman’s editor Agnese Kleina. In another collaboration with our indie publishing friends, we explore Prague’s blossoming specialty coffee scene in a 30-page feature penned by Standart’s editor Michal Molčan. And when it comes to coffee, our resident coffee expert Jason Gonzalez takes us through his definitive guide to coffee tasting.

Lagom is perfect-bound and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior), with a foil-blocked cover. Issue #5 contains 148 pages.

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Spaces & Places

The Standart Guide to Coffee in Prague

When it comes to specialty coffee recommendations in Europe, who better to ask than Michal Molčan, the Slovakia-born, Vienna-based editor of Czech / English coffee magazine Standart. For our special 30-page feature, he’s selected his favourite up-and-coming cafés in Prague.

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More Spaces & Places

A Taste for Tradition

Helsinki restaurant Juuri is leading the way in modern Finnish cuisine with its fresh and honest ‘sapas’ dishes. We spoke to co-founder Jarkko Myllymäki about their popularity. Read this story online.

Square Roots

Brand Assembly Square is the Manhattan-based co-working space that doubles as a showroom, helping emerging designers break into the fashion world. Co-founder Hillary France spoke to us about the importance of community and collaboration in a competitive industry.

Stockist Spotlight: McNally Jackson

McNally Jackson Books is one of New York’s most popular independent bookstores. Curious to find out why, we spoke to store manager Roger Pantano.

Mixing Work & Play

If a Mac repair shop and a cocktail bar sound like an odd combination, be sure to pay a visit to The MacSmiths (in the day) and The Natural Philosopher (at night). These Victorian-themed businesses that share the same space are just about strange enough to work.

Hotel Spotlight: Hotel Not Hotel

With rooms hidden away by secret bookcases, or tucked away in a tram car from the 1970s, and a hotel bar and Thai restaurant intriguingly named after Hollywood’s Kevin Bacon, Hotel Not Hotel is aptly named.

Craft & Create

Bamboo Bicycle Club

Rachael Gurney speaks to co-founder James Marr of Bamboo Bicycle Club about the understated material wheeling down roads in the UK and beyond, and the joys of bringing cyclists together to create their perfect bikes.

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More Craft & Create

Back to the Start

Entrepreneur Adrien Taylor took a risk in leaving his successful career as a journalist on one of New Zealand’s major news channels, to instead focus on launching two new startups in the earthquake-ravaged city of Christchurch.

Raising the Bar

Louisa Canham’s business has been moulded by the people she’s encountered and the lessons she’s learned since transitioning into the world of soap from her career as a clinical psychologist.

Artist Spotlight: Shyama Golden

Shyama Golden, known for her huge, humorous paintings, has transitioned from being a graphic designer to an illustrator and, more recently, from oil paints to the iPad.

Enduring Crafts: Screen Printing

With its origins seated deeply in the past, the process of screen printing continues to intrigue people, with the craft seeing a revival in modern times. Screen printer Jonny Akers walks us through screen printing’s origins and current incarnation.

Escape & Recharge

​Made in Riga

Agnese Kleina unearths hidden creative gems, from fashion brands to restaurants, in her adopted home of Riga, Latvia—a city on the cusp of a creative revolution — and we discover why Riga deserves a spot on your list of cities to visit, move to, or start a business in.

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More Escape & Recharge

Fret Not

Web designer and Dribbble co-founder Dan Cederholm talks about how picking up a banjo helped him to combat anxiety and how he now uses it as a way of escaping from the stresses of the day-to-day. And if you think the banjo looks hard, ‘clawhammer’ might just change your mind.

Recipe: Mushrooms and Fiddleheads over Ricotta on Toast

Taking inspiration from a 1930s cookbook, our Quebec-based food-lovers Maryse St-Amand and Julie-Anne Cassidy serve up another delicious dish especially for Lagom that’s easy to recreate and perfect for a luxurious lunch.

How to Taste Coffee

Tangerine peel? Roasted almond? Sandalwood? Or even pea? Our resident coffee expert Jason Gonzalez of Burlington coffee shop Onyx Tonics 1 opens your mind to the world of flavours hidden within the humble coffee bean.

Keeping It Sweet

Maryse St-Amand and Julie-Anne Cassidy delve into a little-known Canadian tradition and meet the men who’ll ensure that Quebec’s historic sugar shacks won’t meet a sticky end.