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Old Schmuck cold brew cocktail recipe

California-based Outpost Coffee share their sweet and spicy cold brew cocktail recipe with us — perfect for Christmas time.

Words Outpost Coffee

Photographs Bryan Neff

We opted to use a rye whiskey for this cocktail because it’s less sweet, spicier, and drier than bourbon. It adds spice and makes for a more interesting cocktail. Although Bulleit is one of our favourites, because of its versatility, another good mixing rye is Old Overholt. We chose the sweet vermouth because it gives the drink a perfect balance of earthiness and sweetness. It really blends well with the spice of whiskey and sweet coffee, but it’s the fig and cinnamon bitters that make this drink special. To go along with our sweet and spicy balancing act, these bitters do a wonderful job, while maple syrup adds body and sweetness. We try to keep it low sugar most of the time, and if we do add sugar it’s usually minimally processed — and as close as possible to its natural state, like maple syrup, or raw honey.



Method, part 1: Infuse

Mix together equal parts of cold brew and whiskey and let sit for 24 hours in the fridge.

Infusing the cold brew and whiskey really makes a huge difference to the outcome of the cocktail. Infusing allows the flavours to really round out and blend together. Without the infusion the coffee gets lost and the whiskey tastes too harsh. If you’re curious, try the cocktail with and without infusing. 

Method, part 2: Combine

Fill the Boston shaker with ice. Combine the whiskey infused cold brew, vermouth, bitters, and maple syrup. Stir together until cold. Strain into a coupe glass. 

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