Garden workspaces: built to be green, surrounded by green

February 03, 2017

Many of us who work for ourselves struggle to find a great place where we can crack on with work. If you’re anything like us, at different points during your independent career, you’ll have made do with a small selection of coffee shops in the nearby town, or even the kitchen table as a makeshift studio space. 

Hotdesking can be an option, or renting a desk in a co-working space, but if you want a space that’s truly yours in which to get your head down, your options might feel limited, or uninspiring at best. 

There is a way to overcome this obstacle however — you can have your own space built, in your own back garden (if you have the space, that is). 

Ecospace are a company that began making garden studios for people wanting a separate home office space, in a sustainable way. They’ve since expanded into a wider range of builds, including compact houses and holiday retreats, all built with the same eco-friendly ethics in mind. 

If you’re President Trump, that’s not important to you. But whether you believe in buildings that have a low-carbon output or not, there’s no denying that Ecospace do really lovely designs for studio spaces. 

We’ve included some photos here from their studio and workspace portfolio to give you some inspiration. 

Do you have a similar setup? Please drop us a message — we’d love to feature your workspace on our blog.