Christmas Finds

December 06, 2017

Bushwick Kitchen Gift Hamper


Are you buying for a lover of spicy dishes? We recommend this gift set from Brooklyn-based Bushwick Kitchen, containing Bees Knees Spicy Honey, Trees Knees Spicy Maple, Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha, Chile Pepper Dish Towel, and a set of five spicy recipes. All their products are blended, bottled, and shipped by hand from their HQ in Bushwick. After speaking to Bushwick Kitchen’s founder, Casey Elsass, we were really interested to learn that the honey is sourced from apiaries in upstate New York, and the maple from a family-run estate in the Catskills mountains. 

Read more about Bushwick Kitchen's founder, Casey Elsass, and how he started his company in just 30 days in issue 7

La Eva BLŪ Wash


This wash from La Eva, run by one-woman team Louisa Canham from her Oxfordshire studio, is made from a base of olive and coconut oils and is 82 per cent organic, and 100 per cent natural. Louisa describes the scent as being woody, with undertones of cedar and vetivert, combined with the herbaceous aroma of chamomile blue. 

Meet La Eva's founder Louisa Canham in issue 5, where she shares her passion for her craft, and we also take a look inside her very photogenic Oxfordshire studio. 

Frost Finery Octopus Wall Hanger


Although Melissa Frost of Frost Finery primarily crafts women’s jewellery, we thought this modest wall hanger was too good to pass up on. It’s a great way of adding a bit of fun to a room in a way that’s subtle and tasteful. The octopus wall hanger is made from brass and forged by hand in Melissa’s Pittsburg-based studio. 

But as great as it is, as this piece doesn’t represent the jewellery range that Melissa creates, we’d recommend taking a look at her collections on her website, or her Etsy store

Melissa Frost of Frost Finery talks about how she combines traditional methods and modern tech to design and create her jewellery in issue 6

Horse Brand Co. Camping Knife


This camping knife with a Coney Island boardwalk handle is particularly special. As the name of its handle suggests, each knife has been made with wood reclaimed from the Coney Island boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy, so you'll be holding a piece of New York's history in your hand. 

The blade has been inspired by traditional Scandinavian blades and has been handmade at founder Thomas Callahan's Williamsburg-based workshop. 

Read why founder Thomas Callahan places so much importance on hand-crafting products. His article first appeared in issue 4.

The Coffee Dictionary


This book by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is your go-to guide for all the coffee terms you need to know. Beautifully illustrated throughout, it's also a joy to flick through. Its author Maxwell is a UK barista champion and runs Bath's prestigious speciality coffee shop Colonna & Smalls. 

Bamboo Bicycle Club Hybrid/Road/Track Home Build Kit


Bamboo Bicycle Club is committed to making environmentally friendly bike frames, and building your own bamboo bike frame in your home is a great way to connect to your bike rather than just buying it from a store. This build kit contains all the materials and tools you'll need to assemble your bamboo bike frame at home. Set aside some time and enjoy the making process! 

Meet James Marr, the man behind the bikes, in issue 5.

Wireless charging pod


Grovemade designed and created their wireless charging pad out of their Portland studio to complement your smartphone, keeping its appearance minimal. The base is crafted from a stainless steel base, while the top is made from cork, which has been hand-stained with Japanese calligraphy ink for a really special touch. 

Shyama Golden print

$18.47 to $55.59.

We love the humour and detail in Shyama’s artwork, and our favourite has to be Catsquatch — a monster made out of cats. It’s perhaps the most cuddly monster in the world if you like cats, and if you don’t, the most terrifying. 

You can purchase a quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, or ultra smooth archival paper, and there are a number of size options available, ranging from 8”x8” to 28”x28”. 

Read our interview with Shyama in issue 5.