January 15, 2016









There’s pleasure in the everyday and you could say that design studio Nina+Co have taken that as their inspiration. Formed by Nina Woodcroft in 2014, they focus on producing interior, product, and branding design with a strong focus on sustainability and natural materials. Promoting the notion of wellbeing, their latest project ‘The Breakfast Collection’ takes everyday items and makes them extraordinary.

Made in collaboration with London-based design consultancy The Ceramicists, the range features a plate, bowl, mug, butter dish, and an espresso cup that doubles as an egg cup (naturally). The crockery has been created using responsibly sourced materials and batch-produced to maximise efficiency and reduce waste. The clay ingredients have been sourced exclusively in the UK from Devon, Cornwall, Shropshire, and Derbyshire.

Drawing inspiration from her multicultural heritage, Nina’s Australian, Danish and Indian influences inform her clean approach to design through simple, stripped-back forms. 

When she’s not producing beautiful ceramic products such as these, she’s working on her two two social enterprise projects; a cafe for the homelessness charity Centrepoint in Soho and a bakery and cafe for Luminary Bakery, which offers opportunities for vulnerable women in East London. Both the bakery and the cafe are set to open later this year.

Head to the Nina+co website for info on how to get your hands on The Breakfast Collection.