May Finds

May 19, 2017

Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists 


This beautiful book should be the cookbook of choice for those who love art, design, and culture — and especially for those who love a good salad. With chapters such as F*%k Brunch and Salad in Sweatpants: Casual Meals For People Who Already Love You, author Julia Sherman has you covered for the creative and tasty meals you’ve been missing in your life. The book also offers interiors inspiration, looking at work spaces from Kyoto to Mexico City. 

Ixtapa Leather Lounge Chair


This stylish-looking chair from Mexa has been designed to fit two functions: to hold its own as a work of art, while fulfilling its basic purpose as a comfortable seat. With leather strips woven using traditional Mexican weaving techniques, and powder-coated steel with aged brass finish to protect it against the elements, this is a chair that’s built to last. 

Trees Knees Coffee Maple 


This maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains has been infused with Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Hair Bender Blend coffee, to give notes of dark chocolate, cherry, toffee, and fudge. Its makers recommend it in a bowl of chocolate ice cream, cocktail, or on top of (American) pancakes. All products are shipped by hand from Brooklyn’s Bushwick Kitchen. 

TypeNotes issue 1 


This magazine from type foundry Fontsmith isn’t just for typophiles — issue 1 of TypeNotes covers a diverse and fascinating world of all things type, from film and television, to advertising campaigns, optical illusions, and photography. 

And yes, we’re very much partial to a magazine about typography. We did used to run one, after all!

Tom Will Make Topo Coasters 

$5 (sale) $39 (normal price)

From typography to topography: these coasters represent a real topography of natural places, with elevation changes demonstrated in the layers of cork. The coasters are environmentally friendly, too, in keeping with the company’s ethics. Right now they’re on sale, so you can grab some for a fraction of the normal price.

Dark Arts Coffee, Source Family — Ethiopia, 250g 


Dark Arts Coffee is a team of eccentric characters from Hackney, London. Their Source Family coffee comes from a farm in Limu Kossa in Ethiopia. The farmland was once wild bush, but has been thinned slightly to accommodate the coffee. Roasted to perfection, the coffee will give notes of sweet peach, bergamot, violet, and jasmine.

Be sure to read their company bio.