Doing Black Friday the right way

November 23, 2016

We’ve been giving some serious thought about whether or not to do something for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Last year we staged a semi-silent protest by not offering any deals over the period, but this year we’re trying something different: we’re going to take part, but we’re going to try and do some good at the same time.

Because, in light of 2016’s double-whammy of Brexit and the US election, it’s become clear that there’s a great deal of negativity alive in the world today. Values that we try to champion in the pages of Lagom — like inclusivity, sustainability, and transparency — are under threat. A culture of divisiveness has brought about these landmark events that stand against everything we (as people and as a business) represent.

So, it’s a small thing, but we’ve decided to use the 2016 sale season as a way of supporting people whose way of life is threatened by the outcomes of current events — and Trump's presidency in particular.

For Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, we’ll be reducing everything in the Lagom online store by 50% and for every copy sold (whether it be a single issue, a PDF, or a subscription), we’ll donate the other 50% to these four international charities:

  1. Rainforest Alliance — for their work on fighting (and raising awareness of) climate change
  2. Kaleidoscope Trust — for their support for LGBT rights
  3. Amnesty International — for their overall support for human rights, including reproductive rights, and fighting discrimination based on race or gender.
  4. International Committee of the Red Cross — for their aid work in Syria

Our thinking behind this is that we’ll still get to offer some great deals, just like everyone else, but in a way that benefits vulnerable communities. In the interest of transparency, yes, we hope that this will also help Lagom gain some new readers, but our aim is to do that while helping others and not actually turning a profit on these sales.

If you’re already a Lagom reader or subscriber, we hope that participating in our sale will be a great way for you to buy gifts for like-minded loved ones and stand up for the values we believe in.

Thanks for reading this.

Sam & Elliot