How to launch a product: This is Ground & the yellow hotel room

March 14, 2017

On Thursday night we attended an event hosted by our friends This is Ground at their Los Angeles HQ.

The product that was introduced at the event was the Tech Dopp Kit 2. The Kit is designed for the gear that we travel with — optimised for designers, photographers, tech pros, and anyone else that travels with expensive gear that needs to be stowed in a nice way.

It seemed only fitting, then, that the event showcased four travel photographers that inspire the TiG team. Lauren Austin (well known for her work on the Patagonia episode of Chef’s Table), Matt Gee (an LA native who grew his personal brand on Instagram), Niki Csanyi (all the way from Hungary, with a passion for traveling — the photography came second), and Zach Houghton (founder of @passionpassport), who all presented a small collection of their travel photos on a vintage slide projector. TiG found a company that converted digital photos to 35mm Kodak slides.

Also present was the evening’s psychic, @psychicshirley, who was on hand to let guests know where they should travel this year. Apparently, we’re going somewhere warm, which is nice.

Although the event was held at TiG’s warehouse/studio, the focus was on a purpose-built, yellow-themed hotel room; the purpose of which is to save money on renting hotel rooms to shoot photos in, and to serve as a way to stage TiG’s travel products in an environment that makes sense to buyers, press, and brands. 

You can sign up to hear about the availability of the Tech Dopp Kit 2 on

Photos by Lauren Jennings Piper.