February Finds

February 16, 2017

Ornamental ball 


Looking to add an element of interest to your desk? This ball, with its different patterns and textures, is almost hypnotic to look at: the more you look, the more you are drawn into its patterns and shapes. The cork, plywood, and perspex are the unusual combination that make up this object. The material has then been laminated, and hand-turned on the lathe. 

Dinosaur salt and pepper shakers 


These stoneware dinosaurs will lighten the atmosphere of any dull mealtime around the table — finally, an excuse to play with your food! These salt and pepper shakers were made by Barcelona-based Maia Ming Fong, who worked as an art director and designer for products such as Swatch and Giro cycling helmets, before turning her attention to creating a collection of ceramics.  

Fellow Big Jo 12 oz. mug 


The best thing about this mug is surprisingly not the eye-catching copper bottom, which screams out style and sophistication; it is in fact the comfortingly functional ceramic double wall, which keeps the mug cool to the touch — no risk of burning your hand — so you’re left to enjoy your coffee with minimal risk of peril. 

Master & Dynamic wireless on-ear headphones 


These compact and lightweight bluetooth headphones are available in black or brown leather. And they’re not just about style: take a look at Master & Dynamic’s site for a full, drool-worthy list of the headphones' specs and features.

Porcelain origami plate 


This plate is part of a collection of crockery from Moji Design, based in Hamburg, Germany, all cleverly created to look like origami. The effect is created by first covering real origami shapes with plaster to create the mould for the porcelain, which then takes on the form of the origami plaster cast.