Terrific results from our Black Friday sale – thank you!

December 09, 2016

2016 has been a turbulent year, particularly owing to the results of Brexit and the US election, with much negativity arising out of these landmark events. 

As a consequence, this past Black Friday / Cyber Monday, we decided to do something a little different. We put on a 50% sale for all our products, donating the other 50% to four international charities that support people whose way of life is threatened by the outcome of these current events. You can read more about our decision on our blog post ‘Doing Black Friday the right way’

We’re thrilled to say that we had a great response from you, our readers, who were incredibly supportive of our decision. Lots of you picked up subscriptions, our latest issue, and back issues for yourselves and for gifts. So we want to say a huge THANK YOU for your kindness and support. We’re glad that our gesture resonated with so many of you. 

Our sale raised a total of £1092, resulting in a total of £273 (approximately $343 in USD) for each of our chosen charities: Rainforest Alliance, Kaleidoscope Trust, Amnesty International, and International Committee of the Red Cross. We made the donations yesterday.

Once again, our deepest thanks.

Sam & Elliot