Stay at: Casa Malca

September 23, 2016

Located in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, near Mayan temples, Casa Malca — a Design Hotels hotel — is a place where ancient history blends with contemporary art and design. 

With ancient Mayan temples not too far away, you can take in a bit of history on an excursion, then come back to Casa Malca to relax and enjoy modern masterpieces. 

Lio Malca is the man behind the resort, so it’s no surprise that there’s such a huge emphasis on art, with a roster of modern artwork adorning the walls, chosen by Malca himself. 

Malca arrived on New York’s art scene in the early ’90s, and has become known for recognising many top contemporary artists early on in their careers, so the piece of art you see hanging over your bed in the resort may well be worth a fair bit more in a few more years.

Outside you’ll be greeted with a different kind of artwork: stunning Yucatan sunsets as seen from the resort’s roof, which offer a 360-degree view of the area; lush jungle surroundings, and a private white sand beach just feet away from the rooms and suits of Casa Malca. 

Malca has tried to bring some of the nature that abounds outdoors into the hotel, with rustic wooden walls in the restaurant, and impressive doors opening up the hotel that look like they've been roughly assembled by splitting some trees down the middle. 

The resort is a great place for lovers of contemporary art who also appreciate the natural world — not many hotels are so adept at combining the two. 

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