April 04, 2016

We’d never heard of a coffee maker that can remember your specific taste in coffee until we heard about the Canadiano Coffee Maker, which comes in the form of a wooden block. An unusual choice of material, some might think, but the people at Canadiano promise it’s because of the wood that you’ll get your own ‘personalised cup of coffee’.

Over numerous uses, the oils of the specific beans you use will be absorbed into the wood, so over time, the coffee you get really will be personal to you.

The coffee maker is available in four different types of wood: cherry, walnut, birch, and white oak. Which one you should buy is dependent on what kind of coffee you like to drink, but Canadiano encourage brewing with single origin beans for the best results.

For those who have a taste for coffee with an earthier flavour and dark roasts, the walnut and white oak editions have been designed to complement these types of beans, while the birch and cherry editions are the choice for those who prefer beans with a citrusy or nutty taste. (There’s also a limited edition Smoked Ash version for medium and dark roast beans if you don’t mind splashing out $129.)

The result? According to Canadiano it’s “…a rich, smooth and silky cup of coffee like nothing you have experienced before.”

We’re too intrigued about this unique coffee maker not to try it out, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on one (perhaps the birch edition) soon.

(Photo by Canadiano)