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Video: Lindsey Ross

We’ve collaborated with the talented team at HRDWRKER, who’ve made this film exclusively for Lagom about Lindsey Ross, a vintage process photographer working in Santa Barbara. Lindsay candidly discusses the motivations behind her work, and how she deals with the pitfalls of her trade.


The Attaché Guide to Travel: a Collaboration Between Attaché & Lagom

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be working with the team behind the award-winning travel show Attaché on their first travel book, and the project is currently raising funds through Kickstarter.


Video: Shyama Golden

​Brooklyn-based llustrator and designer Shyama Golden​ talks about her struggles with creative block, starting out on her own, and how to find inspiration and motivation outside your day job.


Video: Thomas Callahan

Brooklyn-based bike builder and knife craftsman Thomas Callahan, of Horse, candidly shares his passion for craft in this short film for Lagom.


Video: Artéfact, Paris

Nestled in the beautiful and historic Le Marais district of Paris, Artéfact offers a sanctuary for lovers of art and tea — as well as the performative art of tea, which the shop keeps alive with style and sophistication.


Video: The Old Market Printing Co.

If you enjoyed our piece on the enduring craft of screen printing, written by The Old Market Printing Co.’s Jonny Akers, you might enjoy this short film by Alex Blogg that quickly takes viewers through Charlotte and Jonny’s process.