Lagom #6: a Letter from the Editors

We’re very proud to announce the release of our sixth issue, which we think — in giving more breathing space to beautiful photography, and celebrating the bold entrepreneurial spirit of the world's creative community — is our best yet.

Lagom #6 is out today and available to buy from our online shop and, in the coming days, shops all over the world.

Regular readers of Lagom will remember that with our last issue we started playing around with our cover format and the focus of our content, but as soon as that issue hit the shelves (and proved to be our most popular yet) we realised there was so much more we wanted to do. The magazine didn’t need an entire redesign, but perhaps more what you might call a realign. And so with Lagom #6 we’re unveiling our new look: a new size, a new cover format, a revised typographic system, a number of refinements to our layout, and — above all — a decision to let the magazine’s photography really shine.

Person, place, or product, we celebrate those who dare to follow their own visions — and do so with their feet on the ground.

But while most changes are cosmetic, there are deeper refinements under the hood. During the content gathering phase of this issue we put considerable effort into redefining our brand. We asked ourselves: why would anyone choose to read Lagom amidst such a saturated market?

We’ve been answering that question from our very first issue, but with this issue we’ve a attempted to do so with more clarity. Whereas many magazines aim to sell readers an unattainable dream, we aim to inspire and motivate with genuine stories of creatives who’ve bravely set out on the road to independence, and to showcase destinations and products that are united by a love of quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We celebrate creative communities across the world — some of whom have already earned their place on the map and others who are in the process of doing so. Person, place, or product, we celebrate those who dare to follow their own visions — and do so with their feet on the ground.

All of this culminated in the decision to rename and refocus the magazine’s three core sections, which have now become Visit, Create, and Unwind. Although these three words serve as useful descriptors for the content contained within, when used together they also form something of a mantra: explore the world, make great things, and remember to recharge your batteries in the process.

Lagom is a labour of love, driven by passion rather than profit, and as always we’re extremely grateful for the support of our readers and partners. We hope you enjoy this issue and our new direction.

Lagom #6 cover

Our cover — now with the logo foiled in copper — sports a very special Soft Touch laminate, and at 152 pages, this issue is our biggest yet, with a new look throughout.

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