Lagom #10 is now available to buy

September 24, 2019

We’re very pleased to announce that Lagom #10 is now available to buy from our online shop and, in the coming days, from shops all around the world. For a taste of what’s inside, be sure to check out our dedicated page about Lagom #10. And here’s our Editors’ Letter from the issue:

It’s understandable that, because we named our magazine Lagom, we’re often asked about balance — usually about how we, ourselves, are able to achieve a balanced lifestyle. It’s never been an easy question to answer, and time and again, we find ourselves returning to it with new responses.

We were recently interviewed by Irina and Silviu from Together & Sunspell, who, much like ourselves, are running a passion project — in their case, a blog featuring interviews and photographs of creatives around Bristol. During our chat, that good ol’ question of how we achieve a balanced lifestyle came up, and in a moment of somewhat rare clarity, we realised that the very idea of balance is a constantly moving target. Good times or bad, life is full of change, and goals and needs evolve alongside those changes. It’s always important to reassess what we want to achieve in terms of balance, and whether our needs have shifted or our methods of achieving balance are still relevant and effective.

In creating each issue of Lagom, we seek out individuals who’ve found a healthy balance between their work and home lives, those who treat their work as a creatively fulfilling endeavour rather than some- thing they feel they have to endure just to pay the bills. After five years of speaking to entrepreneurs and hearing about how many of the very businesses we’ve featured failed, it seems that the idea of balance in life and work just isn’t an easy target to hit. Even when it’s a bullseye today, chances are, it won’t be tomorrow.

In this — our tenth — issue, Niko Dafkos, co-founder of Earl of East, comments that finding a work / life balance is too hard, that perhaps we should look more to a work / life integration instead. This sentiment has resonated with the two of us and, if nothing else, cements the idea that, when trying to find a comfortable balance between the many different directions in which we’re pulled, balance will always be subjective: it’ll always be subject to change, and there’s no right or wrong way to go about finding it.

As always, thank you for your generous support — especially those of you who’ve been with us for the last five years or so. Here’s to our collective quest for that ever-elusive balance!