The Cloud Room, Seattle

January 17, 2018

Although it opened its doors for the first time only a little over two years ago, The Cloud Room already hosts an impressive number of members: 300 and growing, with people coming from a varied range of industries, from tech, to arts and culture. 

The coworking space has what any other coworking space importantly must have: desk spaces and meeting rooms along with other office amenities, but it’s main defining feature is that this coworking space is home to a bar which it utilises as the hub of its community events (although events are also held in the coworking space itself). 

From musical acts to inspiring and informative talks by professionals from a range of backgrounds, the bar provides a great — and informal — setting to network with others, get a dose of inspiration, or just relax. 

The bar’s cocktails are the creations of respected bartender Jay Kuehner, with a focus on vermouth, sherry, and aperitifs, and all memberships include a bar tab — great for meetings, but if you’d rather not have your meetings here then you can always book a meeting room. Some membership packages allocate members a certain amount of free time to use here. 

Another membership perk includes free coffee from Honor Society Coffee — a ten-minute walk from The Cloud Room. 

Visit The Cloud Room at 1424 11th Avenue Ste 400 Seattle, WA.