Changes to Lagom’s shipping rates

January 25, 2018

Sending physical products around the globe is an expensive business, and after we heard of Royal Mail’s 2018 price increases, we decided to take a thorough look at our shipping costs. From the day we launched the magazine, we’ve aimed to keep shipping costs simple and fair by offering a flat fee of £4 to anywhere in the world. However, once we did some number-crunching, we realised that we were losing a pretty significant amount of money on international orders, and we’ve ultimately decided that we need to address that by updating our shipping costs.

However, our new pricing will still be relatively straightforward, and we’ve decided to reduce the pricing for our customers in the UK. Our new shipping costs for single issues will be:

£3.50 to UK
£5.50 to EU (excluding Denmark)
£6.00 to everywhere else (excluding Denmark)
£6.50 to Denmark

We’re still working out how best to handle prices for our back issue bundles and other orders that contain multiple issues, and we’ll announce those prices soon. You can expect them to follow a similar pattern. These prices don’t affect subscriptions that are currently active; they’ll change once a subscription is renewed.

Our new shipping rates will come into effect on Thursday 1st February, so if you’re an international customer and would like to make the most of our current flat fee of £4 per issue, simply order a single issue or back-issue bundle — or even start a subscription — between now and next Thursday!

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