Book of the Month: Rock The Boat: Boats, Cabins and Homes on the Water

January 10, 2018

Released at the end of last year, this book represents how diverse life on water can be. From boats to retreat to for a break from day-to-day life, to private floating residences, Rock The Boat showcases boats that have been reimagined and transformed, or created from scratch. 

Pages give ample breathing space to photography that showcases these unusual and inspirations floating structures, from a former fishing vessel that has been reborn as a luxury escape with sauna; former working boats refitted to become private homes; to DIY rafts, and even the modular timber-framed floating homes delivered by truck fully wired and plumbed. 

Designers of the floating abodes discuss the design of the boats, and on a more personal level their inhabitants share how living on water affects their lifestyles.

Looking through the 272 illustrated pages may inspire you to book your next retreat on one of the floating getaways around the world, or perhaps even inspire you to make a permanent life change to one afloat.

Available to purchase from Gestalten.

Gestalten / €39.90.