Welcome to a refreshed readlagom.com

March 01, 2017

Just in time for spring, and ahead of a redesign of the magazine for our next issue, we’ve decided to make some improvements to the Lagom website. You might’ve noticed the aesthetic changes, but it’s not just about looks. 

We have a brand new header and navigation, designed to better serve as an intro to what Lagom is all about. (And check out our lovely new ‘Magazine’ drop-down for browsing our issues!) We’ve wrapped up Posts and Stories into the umbrella area of Journal to streamline everything, and we have a new post type: video. Watch this space for the first video-centric post.

Our Home and Archive pages use a new layout that makes better use of space, and our redesigned footer now includes our six latest photos from Instagram. Throughout, we’ve made improvements to the site’s typography.

New ways of browsing the site

On individual Journal Entries, we’ve added related entries at the bottom and we’ve also introduced tags as an additional way of browsing the site’s content. We’re still going through the old entries and tagging them, so please bear with us, but hopefully this will make it easier for readers to find similar content. Last but not least, we finally have search!

Huge thanks to our designer / developer Jordan for his amazing work on the site! We’ll be posting teasers of the magazine’s redesign here soon.