Villa Söderåsen, Röstånga

October 22, 2017

Located at the edge of Söderåsen National Park in southern Sweden in the village of Röstånga is family-run guesthouse Villa Söderåsen. Run by internationally acclaimed techno artist Sebastian Mullaert and his wife Åsa, a trained yoga instructor, the couple have been running the guesthouse since early 2016.

We had the pleasure of staying with Åsa, Sebastian, and their family last autumn, which is arguably one of the most attractive times of year to visit this beautiful location, with the national park literally on its doorstep. We arrived after an easy two-hour drive from Copenhagen, passing near Malmö on the way.

It’s a great location to escape to, especially if you appreciate the outdoors: the official entrance to Söderåsen National Park is a couple of minutes’ walk away, but the forest itself is literally seconds walk away from the house, with the trees surrounding the back garden.

The area is particularly great for hiking, which we managed to make the most of during our stay. We did a shorter, more accessible hike as we were travelling with our one-year-old daughter, but there are a range of hikes available suitable for a different abilities.

Owing to its quiet location, the house is also a perfect venue for other activities close to Mullaerts’ hearts: music, meditation, dance, and yoga. Åsa, a trained yoga instructor, runs regular yoga classes and is available for private consultation.

A short stroll out in the forest and you could stumble upon Sebastian’s recording studio, a small wooden cabin (we visited spoke to Sebastian about how this location nature influences music he creates for our third issue). 

Rooms are available for rent, or, if there are enough of you, the whole house. Whatever reason you decide to visit Villa Söderåsen, Sebastian and Åsa’s vision is that you use your time there to gain peace and meet yourself, taking the opportunity to meditate and reflect, surrounded by nature and likeminded people.

Find out more about Villa Söderåsen, or book a room.

Photos by Elliot Jay Stocks, Samantha Stocks, and Johan Sundell for Lagom, and Sebastian Mullaert for Villa Söderåsen.