Stay At: The Flushing Meadows — Munich

August 27, 2017

A stone's throw from the scenic Isar River and lush meadow fields that line its banks stands The Flushing Meadows hotel, proudly overlooking Munich's lively and creative Glockenbach neighbourhood from the top two floors from the unusual location of an industrial building. 

The hotel arose from the collective efforts of architects Sascha Arnold and Steffen Werner and marketing mastermind Neils Jäger, who combined their technical skills with a mutual love of art, gastronomy, and interiors. The result is a beautifully designed space with 16 thoughtfully decorated rooms.

This is one hotel you can be sure has design at its heart — there are no copy-paste jobs happening here. Each of the 11 loft studio rooms are unique, being created in close collaboration with a well-known local personalities. On the fourth floor, the remaining five rooms are penthouse studios, which each feature exclusive paintings by Berlin-based artist Maximilian Rödel, not to mention the fantastic views they offer across Munich's skyline. 

Sharing their space on the top floor, the Flushing Meadows Bar takes in panoramic views of the city (and the Bavarian Alps on a good day), which you can enjoy with a cocktail in hand as you watch the sun go down.

If you want to bring yourself back down to earth, the Super Danke! juice bar on the ground floor can help you with its range of organic smoothies, cold press juices, and cleanse programs — perfect for offsetting your alcohol intake from the night before at the rooftop bar!

As for its location in the city, central means inner-city exploration will never be more than mere minutes away from comfort of linen sheets. The hotel’s incredibly informative web page includes a brief overview of the surrounding neighbourhood, where the ever-helpful staff have compiled a list of notable attractions and coffee spots to keep your stay in Munich sophisticated, as well as social.

Visit The Flushing Meadows at Fraunhoferstraße 32, Munich or browse online at

Images courtesy of DesignHotels