March Finds

March 15, 2017

Calamityware porcelain plate 


This might at first glance look like just another traditional willow pattern porcelain plate, but take a closer look. Calamityware introduce unexpected visitors to their range of porcelain tableware; think tentacles (shown here), robots, volcanoes, sasquatch, and even pterodactyl. The tableware — which was initially launched as a Kickstarter project in 2015 — is designed by Don Moyer and produced in Poland.

Grovemade walnut speakers and amp  


These stunning speakers and amp were a collaboration between Grovemade and industrial designer Joey Roth. The makers chose solid wood as their material of choice in order to harness its natural acoustic properties. The stands are made from leather-clad stainless steel. If you want to know more about the speakers’ design, Grovemade has an interesting article about the product’s background — worth a read for anyone interested in the creative process. 

Feist Forest stained glass loop 


Having worked with Feist Forest recently at their studio in Devon, UK, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful stained glass decorations hanging in the windows. The distinctive designs by Feist Forest have been formed into stained glass by artist Flora Jamieson, with each panel hand-made and mouth-blown, contain a delicate textured character.

Bettzy square shelves 


These rustic shelving units are handmade from reclaimed scaffold board, sourced in Hertfordshire, UK. The wood has been sanded down and treated, but its makers — a two-woman team — have been careful to retain the character of the wood’s previous life. We chose to show the ‘natural’ wood option here, but oak, antique oak, and white wash options are also available.

Canton Tea: Hojicha Roasted Green loose leaf 


This organic tea has been sourced by a cooperative of farmers from Fujieda, in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture. The brewing leaves are rich with the aroma of coffee, and the cup is sweet with honey and caramel, smokey on the finish, with notes of cocoa coated coffee beans. With teas sourced directly from small, family-run farms, Canton Tea is part of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Joey Roth grey tea bowl 


Made in Minnesota and designed by ceramicist Ben Fiess, this tea bowl has been hand thrown and custom glazed, made to complement the pour of Joey Roth’s unique and beautiful Sorapot. An undeniably elegant way to drink tea.