Lagom #7 is now available to buy

October 19, 2017

We’re very pleased to announce that Lagom #7 is now available to buy from our online shop — which has also received a new lick of paint. And if you buy a subscription today, it’ll start with #7 and your copy will be on its way to you tomorrow.

Our seventh edition of Lagom, with a cover shot by Maxime Desbiens, is something of a sensory issue: it’s about tasting a hearty dish of shakshuka, served up by the owners of a surf-chic specialty coffee shop in southern France; immersing yourself in beautiful surroundings to get the best out of your creative side; experiencing the unique culture of Athenian outdoor cinema; hiking through carpets of autumn leaves in Vermont; learning how to get more from the world of fragrances; feeling the sensations of riding through the Québec countryside on a motorbike; and meeting the people across the world who’ve dared to go against the grain and start out on their own, catching a glimpse of their lives in the process.

We like to think that in making Lagom, we’re helping to connect a global community of like-minded creatives. If you can’t travel to the many places that inspire this community, we aim to transport you to a few of these locations, metaphorically, and convey something of their atmosphere in these pages. Visiting people and places in Iceland, Norway, Swedish Lapland, southern France, Vermont, Athens, Brooklyn, London, and Paris, we hope you can feel inspired, motivated, enjoy putting your feet up, experiment with a new method of making coffee, or try one of the three recipes you’ll find in this issue.

Want to find out what else is inside? We’ve created this handy Lagom #7 page for you, which offers a glimpse of the beautiful photography and illustrations we have in store for you.

New back issue bundles

Now that we’ve got a number of issues under our belt, we’ve decided to discontinue our Starter Pack product (which was getting to be a bit of a huge package!) and have created two new bundles: one containing our first three issues, the other containing #4, #5, and #6. Both bundles represent a large saving on buying back issues individually.

You can order #7 or the bundles from our online store, or have #7 included as the first issue of a new subscription.