Creative Workspace: Nomad, Copenhagen

June 14, 2017

The hallowed halls of a former courthouse made the perfect vessel to house Denmark’s up and coming innovators and forward thinkers. After an extensive interior makeover, the vision of a multi-functional workspace to inspire became reality.

Nomad has grown to be a warming, art-conscious home away from home that puts digital nomads in a place they'll never want to leave. 

To find out more about the space and it's resident creatives, we exchanged words with co-founder, Oliver Bernhard.

How did Nomad Workspace start?

We had a unique opportunity to get our hands on this fantastic building and really wanted to create a house with a lively ambience. After a lot of brainstorming and red wine, we settled on the concept of a workplace for creatives.

When starting Nomad, what did you think was essential for it to have?

Atmosphere is one of the most important things for us. We think it’s much more fun and inspiring to come to work if the atmosphere is right. We try to create the right atmosphere with a combination of exciting people, beautiful interiors, and great service.

Is there a certain type of individual that Nomad attracts?

Creatives who are happy to pay a little extra to work in a beautiful environment with high-quality service.

How many individuals and groups are currently working at Nomad?

We opened Nomad’s doors in January and have 120 desks divided between closed and opened offices. Currently, we have around 80 members. 

What’s the location like where you’re based?

We are based in Nørrebro, which might best be described as Copenhagen’s Brick Lane. A bustling and multicultural neighbourhood with local coffee roasters and micro breweries side-by-side with upscale restaurants and ethnic supermarkets. 

What are your favourite aspects of your space?

The building itself is just fantastic, but we are also very proud of the incredible work our interior designer Natalia Sanchez has done with the space, especially the colours.

What makes this space different to other similar venues?

We’ve put a lot of effort into creating an inspiring house, both in terms of interiors and people, but also by making interesting collaborations. For example, The Last Resort Gallery used Nomad as showroom and we partnered with Annex Brewery, with whom we brewed a Nomad beer.

Have you had any notable successes come from your space?

So far we've had really good response from the media, and we have a lot of cool brands that shoot campaigns in here, like B&ORains, and Brogger. 

What's next for Nomad? Any big plans?

Later this year, we will open Nomad Studio — a new members club. We are also really excited about our new restaurant, which will open soon.

Photos by Line Thit Klein