Creative Workspace: Exchange Workspaces — Melbourne

August 25, 2017

What started out as a simple business expansion soon took on the idea of becoming something much more collaborative. Now, with two former warehouses turned co-working spaces centred in downtown Melbourne, it seems that Exchange Workspaces has really found its feet. We spoke to co-founder Asher Esakoff to find out more about the space.

How did Exchange Workspaces start? What was the original inspiration?

Our main business Milkman Agency was expanding and looking for more space. We wanted to build a network of like minded businesses with other creative skills to compliment each other. We found an amazing warehouse in South Yarra, and it began.

What was essential for you when deciding on a space?

Somewhere with lots of natural light, greenery, and breakout areas. Fortunately, as our first tenant was an architect, we were able to barter free rent for design options!

Have you noticed a certain type of individual or company that your space attracts?

We usually attract creative businesses —designers, events, start-ups and activation agencies —but it's more about the type of people. We have architects, lawyers, and even wineries. Everyone seems to have a similar work ethic and approach to work/life balance.

What makes Exchange Workspaces different to other co-working companies and spaces?

We believe that our environments have the potential to motivate us, inspire us and cultivate our creativity. We rethought the standard, stuffy office, and activated urban spaces where like-minded individuals can come together and grow. 

What's next for Exchange Workspaces? Any big plans?

Space number three is in the works! This space will be three to four times the size of existing spaces and will house a fitness centre, cafe, sleep pods and more.

Visit Exchange Workspaces' South Yarra space at 14 Ellis Street.
Visit Exchange Workspaces' Richmond space at 285 Lennox Street.

Photos courtesy of Exchange Workspaces.