Book of the Month: What I Know About Running Coffee Shops

May 15, 2017

Success when starting an independent business has never been more uncertain than it is today. An uncertain economy and competition on every corner is more than enough reason to discourage anyone from opening a new shop, store, or café.

Colin Harmon — founder of Dublin’s renowned coffee house 3fe — offers a helping hand in book form to all those currently working and operating within the specialty coffee industry, as well as those wishing to manage their own space.

Rather than being a how-to guide to achievement, What I Know About Running Coffee Shops is exactly as its title suggests — a reminiscent essay of Harmon's own experiences. This candid and honest memoir of mistakes takes us through first hand accounts of difficult situations and scenarios, some to be anticipated and some completely unexpected.

Colin’s level of knowledge and expertise is impressive, as can be seen by glancing at his resumé: boasting a background in roasting, barista training, and of course the running of 3fe, he’s also a four-time Irish Bartista Champion.

Debuting at The London Coffee Festival saw Harmon's book sell out of its initial pressing in just shy of six hours, giving a rough indication of just how high in demand this title is.

What I Know About Running Coffee Shops can be purchased online from