Book of the Month: Upgrade

September 01, 2017

This beautiful hard-cover book, published by Gestalten, celebrates the creative vision of architects and home owners who sought to breathe new life into a building, be that a dilapidated barn, old factory, or a family home in need of reimagining. 

Within the 256 pages you’ll find rundown barns or deserted houses that have been lifted from the ashes by thoughtful renovation and stunning interior design; and spaces that have been reinvented, such as sheds that have been turned into playrooms, a garage into a guesthouse, or perhaps more exciting, a factory that has been turned into a stylish retreat. 

Before and after photographs included in the book feature some dramatic transformations that, in spite of their modern updates, remain sympathetic to the building’s original aesthetic. 

Apart from just being a lovely coffee table book to look through, Upgrade offers some fantastic inspiration to those who might be seeking ideas for how to extend their own home, or simply refurbish it.

Flicking through the pages, it’s clear that no matter the building or the budget, there’s always opportunity to transform any space into something new, refreshing, and exciting; all you need is the creative vision to see it through. 

The book is available to buy from Gestalten for €39.90