Book of the Month: House Industries: The Process Is the Inspiration

June 07, 2017

While we’ll freely admit to being typography nerds at Lagom, there’s so much more to House Industries than fonts — and there's so much more to their beautiful new book The Process Is the Inspiration than type specimens.

This is a type foundry who are not afraid to open a homeware shop, indulge in recreating monster truck illustrations, or make actual bikes and cycling apparel to promote a typeface called Velo — and all while creating work for clients such as Jimmy Kimmel, The New Yorker, and Muji.

Perhaps most importantly, House are not afraid to laugh at themselves, and although the book covers their incredible twenty-five-year output, it’s in no way self-indulgent.

And while the book’s content is a joy to read, it’s the format that earns it pride of place on our coffee table: from the embossed cover, to the multiple paper stocks, to the additional inks used to reveal semi-secret patterns throughout the spreads, The Process Is the Inspiration is a truly impressive artefact to behold.

Each page looks so good you might actually forget to read it.

The Process Is the Inspiration is published by Watson-Guptill and is available to buy directly from House Industries online shop, and all good bookstores.