The Origin Stand

March 02, 2016

Rarely a day goes by at Lagom HQ without an Aeropress coffee or four getting made, but as great as the Aeropress is, there are a few little niggles, such as: what if the cup isn’t big enough? How do I know when the cup is full? And, of course, that ever-present fear that the whole thing might topple once plunging begins.

The Origin Stand aims to solve all of those issues as well as function as a beautiful bit of kitchen furniture. And given that it’s created by a coffee-lover whose day job is an engineer at Dyson, perhaps that’s no surprise!


It’s not just for AeroPress, either: the design of the Origin Stand is perfect for pour-overs, too.


We’ve just backed the project on Kickstarter. If you love coffee and beautiful, functional design, you should too!