June 02, 2016

Italy's a country well known for its good food, but generally that food doesn't contain insects, and if it did, it's likely that Italy's reputation for quality cuisine would soon diminish!

Taboolata are a Milan-based team based who have set out to challenge these popular culinary perceptions, and more importantly, to shatter our taboos. The trio, consisting of a chef, a designer, and a scientist, recently held a 'hidden kitchen' event, serving up a varied menu of insects and grubs. 

We spoke to Taboolata's Sofia Villa about opening minds, breaking taboos, and eating with sustainability in mind. She says: "[In our society] we are very hypocritical because we think fruit is healthy, but we buy it from places that ship it in from abroad, creating a large carbon footprint. Talking about bugs as an alternative food source provokes people to rethink why and how they eat."

You can read our interview with Sofia in our fourth issue, which is available to buy at our online shop