April 16, 2016

There’s nothing better than falling into fresh bed sheets at the end of a long day. SUKU make the kind of textiles that you’ll not only want to fall into — you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with them, too. Rooted in authenticity and sustainability, SUKU aim to connect our global community under ethical fair trade practices and shared experiences.

“The inspiration comes from my childhood and basically everyday things that inspired me while growing up in Indonesia,” explains creative director Christine Lafian. “The second collection, Lucidity, was inspired by the lucid state of dreaming… hence why the colour was grey and print was hazy.”

SUKU’s latest collection is called ‘Ohayou’ — the idea behind the collection is to take another culture and marry it with Indonesian batik technique. “I found my inspiration in the Japanese culture, as that’s the culture I was most interested while growing up,” Lafian continues. “The colour that we work with is blue and the mood is fresh.”

As well as working on designs for SUKU, Lafian has a regular full-time job, which can prove challenging at times. “Finding the resources is also hard as I have to travel back and forth to Indonesia to source the fabric and find the craftsmen!”

All SUKU products are made with bamboo fabric and hand dyed in Bali, something Lafian says is important to their ethical ethos. “Everybody deserves to pamper themselves with really, really good linen,” she enthuses. “We take so much pride in the material and technique we use."

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