Of Woodstock

May 10, 2016

We all want to be a bit more ethical when it comes to everyday items; without even realising it, we may be buying into certain companies that are a little less than friendly on the Earth. Thankfully, more and more independent businesses are popping up, sourcing sustainable, cruelty-free materials to create beautiful products that are not only eco-friendly but packed full of quality too.

Of Woodstock are a small outfit based in Oxfordshire. Producing natural and homemade soaps, washes, lotions, and stunning soap accessories, they create their own unique recipes from natural, ethical and locally sourced ingredients.

After a Mediterranean holiday back in 2012, the founders relished the natural goodness of their sun-kissed adventure, which inspired them to start experimenting back at home. Making their first block of soap, they finally understood the care and attention it took to create something truly beautiful. Almond oil, olives and sunflower oil were blended to create a product they’d never experienced before. They were hooked.

After a few further experiments, they nailed their perfect range of recipes and of Woodstock was born. In 2014, they found a home for their products at a local saw mill and have since gone on to host stalls at artisan markets, quickly gaining loyal customers both offline and on.

With seasonal ranges and in-depth looks at their careful process, it’ll be hard to go back to the usual supermarket pickings once you have your first wash with one of these beauties.