October finds

October 26, 2016

Reclaimed triangle shelves

Bored of straight shelves? You’re in luck. These triangular shelving units might not be perfect for storing loads of books, but they’re really well suited to displaying some of your favourite trinkets, and they look great. These shelves are made to order from reclaimed wood by CaisleyCo in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

Workshop Coffee Cup No. 2

This rustic coffee cup is a collaboration between Workshop Coffee and Moss Ceramics. Textured below and smooth at the top, this attractive and understated little cup is perfect for sipping your favourite filter coffee from

Amelia Rope pale sea salt chocolate trio

Sea salt and chocolate are an incredible combination, and Amelia Rope combines the two so well it’s like witchcraft. With ingredients sourced from cocoa farms in Ecuador, Madagascar, and Tanzania who grow organic produce and trade fairly, and salt sourced from the Blackwater Estuary in Essex, this chocolate really is something special.

Twisted lasercut wooden lampshade

This beautiful lampshade handmade in London by Baraboda consists of 77 precisely laser cut pieces that have been incrementally twisted. The resulting flowing edge gives it an organic feel, and the light escapes between the delicate wooden pieces to create an attractive 360 degree pattern.

Set of 3 Playtype back pocket notebooks 

This set of notebooks come from Playtype in Copenhagen; a space that doubles up as a type foundry and shop. The notebooks contain 48 pages of plain paper, with the cover featuring Playtype’s own font, Du Nord Bold.

Mt. Cup 2017 letterpress calendar 

This gorgeous calendar will consist of 12 cards featuring the unique work of graphic designers and typographers. There will also be a deluxe edition, which will include a special front cover laser engraved on wood.  

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