Lagom #5 is now available to buy

October 19, 2016

We’re pleased to announce that our fifth issue is now available to buy from our online shop! It’ll be finding its way to shelves at newsstands and independent shops around the world shortly after (take a look at our stockist list to see where you can get your hands on a copy in the wild).

For a taste of what we have in this issue, head over to the issue’s dedicated page and check out the gallery below. This issue is our biggest yet: a huge 148 pages.

With Lagom #5, you’ll notice a new cover format and a new focus on travel and discovery, as we visit a cocktail bar at the back of a Mac repair shop in London, try sapas at Juuri, Helsinki, and discover Riga’s rising creative community, independent brands, and role as an up-and-coming location for foodies in a piece written by Benji Knewman’s editor Agnese Kleina. 

In another collaboration with our indie publishing friends, we explore Prague’s blossoming specialty coffee scene in a 30-page feature penned by Standart’s editor Michal Molčan. And when it comes to coffee, our resident coffee expert Jason Gonzalez takes us through his definitive guide to coffee tasting. 

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