May 05, 2016

Our partners and friends Need have today rebranded and relaunched as Imprint — and unveiled a quite wonderful iOS app in the process.

We’re not just sharing this news because Imprint have supported us since our first issue; we want to spread the word because these guys are doing some truly great things. What other online shop has such great taste, such beautiful photography, and such a sharp editorial eye?

To the uninitiated, what actually is Imprint? Well…

Imprint is a curated retailer and lifestyle publication for the modern gentleman. Each month, Imprint curates, sources, and sells a limited selection of exclusive products — including clothing, literature, furniture, artwork, coffee, and so forth — for the discerning gentleman. These releases are called Volumes.

We’ve long been fans of founder Matt Alexander’s personal Editor’s Letters that accompany each Imprint Volume (check out Volume 3.5 for an example) and his transparent approach extends to the relaunch of his company: be sure to read his post about the Imprint brand on Medium.

The new branding was created in-house by Imprint’s designer Claire Johnson, who also designs the clothes made by Imprint’s sibling site Foremost.

Congratulations to all involved!