August Finds

August 05, 2016

Self-watering planter 

You won’t have to worry about your plants when you go away on your travels with this self-watering planter designed by Joey Roth. With a choice of terracotta or metallic grey pots, and designed to hold up to three herbs or six succulents, these pots have clearly gone down very well as they are currently sold out. But don’t worry, they’re still available to pre-order at $50. 

A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

This book by Tyler Kord isn’t just another cook book; full of humour, fantastic illustrations, and beautiful food photography, this is a rare cook book that’s a pleasure to read from front to back, and perhaps more importantly, it’s full of amazing sandwich recipes. You’ll want to be eating sandwiches for lunch and dinner for weeks until you’ve worked through them all.

Maple vinegar 

In our upcoming issue (due out in mid-October), we have a story on the traditional sugar shacks of Quebec, which features Cabana du PicBois, who make this bittersweet maple vinegar — an alternative to balsamic vinegar. Choose from 60ml, 250ml, or 500ml options — or 1 litre if you’re really into maple vinegar.

Whisky glasses 

Colorado-based CrawlspaceStudios have a large selection of printed whisky glasses to choose from, from topographic maps to geometric bears. A set of two costs £16.95, and mix and match options are available. 

Reclaimed parquet desk 

This desk, by Wales-based Jam Furniture, is made from parquet flooring that has been reclaimed from a church in England’s West Midlands, with steel for the legs. The parquet bricks which make up the desk work surface have been arranged in a herringbone pattern. This desk with a story is made to order and comes with a pot of beeswax polish and polishing cloth.

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle 

Like all Fellow products, this beautiful pour-over kettle is not one to be hidden away in the cupboard. It comes in copper, silver, or matte black, and will give you the perfect pour every time, making your coffee-brewing ritual that little bit more special. It also has a handy temperature gauge on the top for when you’re heating your water on the hob.

Don’t work for assholes. Don’t work with assholes.

Type designer and typographer Erik Spiekermann (who also happens to be Lagom’s ‘Resident Typomaniac’) recently announced on Twitter that he’s working on a second edition of his wonderful Don’t work for assholes. Don’t work with assholes.’ letterpress print.