Miscellaneous Adventures

December 20, 2015








In our increasingly fast-paced world, it can be tough to find the time to just get out there for a walk in the woods, or a toe-dip in a stream. We can forget the importance of stretching our legs and how the beauty of nature can actually inspire us to create our best work.

Illustrator Andrew Groves wanted to find a way to combine his creativity with his enthusiasm for the great outdoors, so in 2011 he founded art project Miscellaneous Adventures. Now working alongside embroiderer and partner Emma Hughes, the team produce functional wooden objects, as well as nature-inspired apparel, with the duo also running ‘Woodland Woodcarving Workshops’. 

These workshops aim to teach people to create their own wooden objects while being out of the office, away from a screen, and surrounded by the very thing that inspires this kind of creativity. 

Allowing their participants to breathe in the fresh air and gain some new creative skills whilst they’re at it, Miscellaneous Adventures are a reminder that sometimes we need to step away from our desks and appreciate the world around us. 

View their work at miscellaneousadventures.co.uk.