Loveland Farm

November 09, 2015

It’s always great to see companies and businesses thinking outside the box. Griffin Studio, a design company that combines fashion and lifestyle, recently came to our attention as they’re doing something pretty different, particularly for a menswear label.

In addition to Griffin Studio, Jeff Griffin and his wife Karina run Loveland Farm, an eco retreat situated against the beautiful backdrop of north Devon’s Hartland Peninsula. Geodesic pods are a key feature of the venue and can be hired for events, with accommodation in the form of private cabins. One more feature that makes the venue unique is the Griffin’s two resident water buffalo! Something you don’t see every day.

Griffin Studio describe that with the venue they “want people to have adventures and dreams and enjoy a work life balance.” Glamping, fashion and creativity, accessorised with surround sound, film projectors, sea views and log fires – it all sounds very ‘lagom’!

But what’s it got to do with clothing? “We want people to understand that being eco and green can be desirable, modern, progressive and that fashion is more than clothing, it can encompass a creative environment that makes you feel great,” they say.

“Why not be the first design company with a campsite and have an eco retreat that is as stylish and creative as a lifestyle designer hotel.” Says Jeff.

When you live somewhere beautiful and inspiring, and have a passion for sustainable living and creativity, why not indeed?

(Photos courtesy of Griffin Studio / Loveland Farm.)

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