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Lagom Autumn Playlist 2017

Autumn has to be our favourite time of year, so we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to select some recently-released tracks for this season. So light that fire, wrap around that scarf, and join us for the Lagom Autumn Playlist — and be sure to listen out for Hotter Colder, by This Is The Kit, who we interviewed in our latest issue. The photo on the playlist’s cover is also from the new issue, taken by Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez for her piece on hiking around Burlington.


Lagom Summer Playlist 2017

Now summer’s here it’s time for our latest seasonal playlist. This selection of songs (some new, and some not so new) takes a step back from the motivational soundtrack of our spring playlist and winds down to more atmospheric, soothing melodies for long summer evenings.


Lagom Spring Playlist 2017

Slowly but surely, it feels like spring is starting to make an appearance and we thought we’d celebrate with a brand new playlist. Expect to find plenty of motivational tunes, each with a slight spring in its step.