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Christmas Finds

Christmas time is here again, so we felt it was a good opportunity to put together a selection of awesome products from people and brands we've included in past issues. If you're looking for unique gifts that are a bit more special than what you can get on the high street, look no further, and find out about the makers in the process.


November Finds

Music, lighting, time-telling, desk accessories and coffee goods — our finds this month cover what you'll need to help you out during your working week.


October Finds

This month’s edition of Finds is all about buying objects that last, from a perpetual wall calendar to a refillable notebook, a sustainably-sourced planter, a modern take on the phonograph, and more.


September finds

From paper, to wood, to computer software, our collection of products this September covers a range of materials that have quality and thoughtful design at their core.


My Craft: Gilly Seagrave of eka

What started as a side-project in between snowboarding soon grew to be a full-time earner for Gilly Seagrave of clothing accessory brand eka.


Finds: Lagom #6 special

Every month we bring you our collection of ‘Finds’, but this one is special: we’ve put Finds into our latest issue for the first time ever, and so this month we’re republishing that selection of Finds online. All photos and styling by us.


April Finds

From a carbon-neutral knife holder to the world's first intelligent turntable, we present our finds for April.


March Finds

Tea, music, and out-of-the-ordinary products — relax with this month’s edition of Finds.


How to launch a product: This is Ground & the yellow hotel room

On Thursday night we attended an event hosted by our friends This is Ground at their Los Angeles HQ, where they introduced the Tech Dopp Kit 2.

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