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Artist profile: Calamityware

Calamityware is the one-man band outfit on a mission to bring playful design into everyday homeware. From crockery to fabric and playing cards, Don Moyer’s illustrations introduce unexpected additions to otherwise traditional patterns. Take a closer look and you’ll realise why you shouldn’t take Calamityware willow pattern for granted...


Finds: Lagom #6 special

Every month we bring you our collection of ‘Finds’, but this one is special: we’ve put Finds into our latest issue for the first time ever, and so this month we’re republishing that selection of Finds online. All photos and styling by us.


My Craft: Pottery West

Pottery West is the ceramics studio of husband and wife duo Catherine and Matt West, whose earthy designs and beautiful product photography have amassed a loyal following. Here, Catherine recalls their journey.


March Finds

Tea, music, and out-of-the-ordinary products — relax with this month’s edition of Finds.