Book of the Month: Nomadic Homes

​Our ancestors started out as nomads, and this book celebrates the fact that the nomadic lifestyle is still very much alive today, in all its varied forms, from the luxury and the eccentric, right through to the practical.

HUBBA, Bangkok

HUBBA is Bangkok's vibrant coworking network, covering three separate spaces and hosting a range of events for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Lagom Christmas Playlist 2017

The time for our annual Christmas/winter playlist has arrived! We’ve chosen a number of tracks that sound like winter is in the air. We hope you enjoy along with mince pies and egg nog.

Stora Hotellet, Umeå

This hotel holds on tightly to its maritime history, a story that is told eccentrically in the details and furnishings of the hotel.

Christmas Finds

Christmas time is here again, so we felt it was a good opportunity to put together a selection of awesome products from people and brands we've included in past issues. If you're looking for unique gifts that are a bit more special than what you can get on the high street, look no further, and find out about the makers in the process.

Last posting dates for Christmas

Order your single copies, back issues, or subscriptions in time for Christmas!

November Finds

Music, lighting, time-telling, desk accessories and coffee goods — our finds this month cover what you'll need to help you out during your working week.

Black Friday 2017

This year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale season is here and, just like last year, we’re offering discounts on everything in our online store and donating the difference to charity.

Visit: Ocean Sound Recordings, Giske

Located on a quiet island about halfway between Bergen and Trondheim, Ocean Sound Recordings is a studio like no other: one where artists are encouraged to get off the grid and focus purely on their music — and, of course, the scenery provided by the fjord.

Luminary Bakery, London

The Hackney bakery/cafe setting out to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable women.

Lagom Autumn Playlist 2017

Autumn has to be our favourite time of year, so we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to select some recently-released tracks for this season. So light that fire, wrap around that scarf, and join us for the Lagom Autumn Playlist — and be sure to listen out for Hotter Colder, by This Is The Kit, who we interviewed in our latest issue. The photo on the playlist’s cover is also from the new issue, taken by Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez for her piece on hiking around Burlington.

Hotel Alexandra, Copenhagen

Step back in time to mid-century Denmark in the heart of downtown Copenhagen.

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