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Lagom #1

Lagom is about finding the right balance; between work and play; between being productive and taking the time to recharge your batteries in order to fuel that productivity; a balance of activity and stillness. In our first issue, we look at inspiring workspaces and locations, celebrate the people who are making a living from their passions, and take the time to unwind toward the end of the issue.

Lagom is perfect-bound and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior), with a foil-blocked cover. Issue #1 contains 128 pages.

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Spaces & Places

The Great Divide

Sidonie Warren and Kyle Clarke of design agency Something Good wanted a new project. That project was Something Else (now Papersmiths), a paper goods shop directly attached to the design studio. We asked them about the challenges and rewards of balancing client work with serving customers.

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More Spaces & Places

Swarm in the City

London is buzzing, and not just with tourists and commuters. There’s another population of Londoners who have made some surprising locations their homes. We visited the rooftop gardens of agencies Wolff Olins and The Future Laboratory to talk urban beekeeping.

Fuel for Thought

Kai Brach, Editor-in-chief of Offscreen magazine, escapes from home office solitude to Brunswick’s Code Black Coffee in Melbourne — a café and roasters that describes itself as a laboratory, workshop, and hub for the connoisseurs of coffee.

Hotel Spotlight: The Michelberger, Berlin

Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel offers something a little different for those looking for a more unique hotel experience. Fiercely independent, the Michelberger also produce their own coconut water and alcoholic beverages. Their philosophy? Why buy something in when you could just make it yourself? It’s this ethos that helps make the Michelberger so unique, as Creative Director Azar Kazimir explains.

Craft & Create

Sustaining Style

Trends in fashion are ever changing, and consumers are encouraged to transform their wardrobes season by season. For Lizzie Harrison— founder of sustainable fashion company Antiform — the model of the fashion industry is damaging for business, society, and the environment. 

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More Craft & Create

Pressing Times

Erik Spiekermann might have recently retired from running Edenspiekermann and FontShop, but his version of retirement is somewhat different to most: he’s decided to go back to his roots and has founded the letterpress workshop P98a in Berlin.

A Type of Nostalgia

From the click of the keys and the ‘ping’ of adding a new paragraph, to the care and attention of loading paper and ink, writer Rob Mills believes the romance of the old typewriter will never fade. For him, the traditional typewriter can’t be surpassed by modern technology.

Last Night a Typeface Changed my Life

Running a busy London agency resulted in designer Jamie Clarke becoming removed from the creative process — something he set straight by selling the agency, taking classes in screenprinting, and getting his hands inky again.

Artist Spotlight: Johanna Basford

You can’t help but stare in wonder at the intricate detail of Johanna’s illustrations. Not surprisingly, her work has captured the attention of many big brands such as Creative Review, Starbucks, Crabtree & Evelyn, and Brewdog to name just a few.

Escape & Recharge

Sea Power

For San Francisco-based designer Cameron Ewing, getting out on the waves is an important part of his week, and he frequently rises early to surf before starting his work day. Here he shares an intimate view of the benefits he reaps from his passion with the sport. 

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More Escape & Recharge

VHS SOS: The Cult Films That Need Saving

Next time you’re at a car-boot sale, or visit a second-hand shop and find low-budget VHS tapes for sale, think twice before you decide not to spend your money. Timon Singh explores how the fall of VHS has seen low-budget films from the '70s and '80s become sought-after relics.

Recipe: Early Autumn Pork & Mussels

There’s nothing like sitting down with a few friends to a tasty, hearty meal you’ve freshly prepared. Here, food photographer Marte Marie Forsberg shares her own version of surf ‘n’ turf: a perfect dish for when the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to turn.

A Treasure Map to That Perfect Coffee

UK Coffee Tasting Champion (2013 and 2014) Jason Gonzalez is a man with the expertise and passion for the dark nectar that is coffee. He arms you with the knowledge you need to reach coffee nirvana.

Craft Work

When three craft beer bars opened on the same street in Bristol just feet away from each other, apart from being overjoyed at having a choice of great drinking establishments, we were also curious: Why now? Why King Street? And why Bristol?