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Lagom #8

In this issue, we look into alternative methods and processes of making work fit around personal needs by speaking with creatives such as Jono Smart, a Glasgow-based independent potter, and Emily Fischer, of Brooklyn-based Haptic Labs. For Jono, while creating his earthenware, he found it was possible to recover from the depression that had blighted him for years. For Emily, stepping back from working long hours allowed her to spend more time with her young daughter while pursuing her passions by running her own business.

‘Going against the grain’ is a common Lagom theme, but you’ll find extensive evidence of an independent approach to work and life throughout this issue. From The Drifter — a former motel in a traditionally rough part of New Orleans — to Kokko in Stavanger — which combines a coffee shop, coffee roastery, and architecture studio — to Prague-based Haenke — a botanical lab, education platform, arts space, and concept store — a passion for the unexpected is everywhere.

Lagom #8 is 132 pages, perfect-bound, and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior) with a foil-blocked, soft-touch laminated cover.

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Caña Magazine’s Guide to Craft Beer in Barcelona

We asked Caña Magazine founder James Davidson to take us on a hop-laden tour of his adopted home city of Barcelona — a city at the forefront of Europe’s ever-evolving craft beer community.

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The Drifter, New Orleans

This hotel — a former motel in a traditionally rough part of New Orleans — isn’t afraid to go against the grain. Co-founder Jayson Seidman explains his motivations behind the space and how it reflects his own sense of being a ‘drifter’. Human connection, he says, has to be the most important part of a hotel guest’s experience.

Kokko, Stavanger

Coffee shop, coffee roaster, and... architecture studio? It’s all in a day’s work for coffee-loving architect Ole Marius Skjærseth, whose combination of work and play has helped ignite a passionate coffee scene in one of Norway’s most beautiful cities.

Home Visit: Anna Hoover

The Scavenger Hut is a bespoke-designed writing studio, and the part-time home of filmmaker and printmaker Anna Hoover. Working with Les Eerkes at Olson Kundig Architects on creating a space that overlooks beautiful Puget Sound in Washington State, Anna has tailored the studio to meet her needs, with dramatic results.

Lagom × Vifa

We’ve partnered with Vifa to showcase their speakers that not only sound fantastic, but look fantastic as well. Since they recently released new versions of their port- able speakers, and a new multi-room audio offering, we sat down with acoustic engineer Mikael Ankersen to find out what makes Vifa products so influential.


Artist Profile: Jack Hughes

The retro aesthetic of Jack Hughes’ illustrations has won him work from an impressive array of clients including Vogue, Adidas, Burberry, and The New York Times. He opens up about balancing social expectations and creative slumps with productivity.

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Potter Jono Smart traded in his successful career in the fast-paced world of advertising for the tactile experience of working with clay in his Glasgow studio. He credits the craft for more than just a career change, enabling him to recover from long-term depression. Here, he shares what he has learned from his experience as a potter — lessons that can easily be applied to any other profession, and even to other experiences in life.

Seeds of Change

Coupling science and the arts harmoniously, Julien Antih and Alexandra (Sash) Strelcova founded Haenke — a space combining botanical lab, education platform, arts space, and concept store into one. With the simple goal of connecting people and plants, they discuss the many challenges they face when imparting complicated information to the public.

Lagom × Reform

We’ve partnered with Reform to showcase their beautiful fronts and countertops, which attach to IKEA units to make designer kitchens affordable. In this exclusive feature, we discover what motivates founders Michael Andersen and Jeppe Christensen.

Lessons in Leaning Out

Emily Fischer of Brooklyn-based creative studio Haptic Lab argues against Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ notion of work ethic, which professes to empower women in the workplace. A former architect and self-confessed work addict, Emily now takes an entirely different approach to her working life, realising that working all hours isn’t necessary to maximise productivity.

Lagom × Xero

We’ve partnered with Xero to tell their customers’ stories. Ade Hassan is the founder of Nubian Skin — a lingerie maker catering exclusively to women of colour.


New Heights

Apron-makers Enrich & Endure focus their working life on reviving the local linen industry. But away from work, they focus on finding the next secure handhold on the seemingly sheer rock faces that intersperse the rugged and dramatic coastal landscapes of Northern Ireland, and beyond.

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More Unwind

Surfing LA

Photographer Caleb Thal uses surfing as a way to creatively recharge and escape city life. Here, he jumps in a van with some friends and shares some of his favourite spots for surfers up the Pacific Coast around Los Angeles.

Naked Truth

Julia Giese of Berlin-based naked wine bar and shop JAJA sheds light on the world of natural wine. But can she convince you to be a naked wine convert?

La Chola Dasso, Lima

We travel to Lima to find a passion for baking from Peruvian chef Jonathan Day. And, to allow us to recreate the atmosphere of his café at home — at least in part — he shares the recipe for his delicious frangipane tart.

Lagom × KeepCup

We’ve partnered with KeepCup to share the stories of everyday changemakers who are committed to leaving the world better than they found it — because what better way to have a conversation than over a cup of coffee?