We’re always keen to hear from potential contributors about creating something for a future issue of Lagom. Yes, we pay all of our contributors.

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Illustration & Photography

We love hearing from talented photographers and illustrators from anywhere in the world, and will always have a need for different illustration styles, and beautiful editorial photography. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please do include a link to your portfolio.

Feature Suggestions

Our regular features include interesting workspaces, unusual hotels, and non-work related activities that help to inspire people with their work. Are you lucky enough to work from a cabin in the woods? Or in an office space that overlooks a great view of the sea? Or do you prefer to work from a particularly inspirational coffee shop or café? Whatever the setup, as long as you’re a creative professional and you find your workspace inspirational, we went to hear from you. Is there an unusual hotel with great interior (or exterior) design that we should feature? Let us know! 

We’re also always looking for inspirational people for our ‘Escape’ section, where we feature a creative person who finds inspiration in non-work related activities, such as surfing, bike-riding, dancing, kayaking — the list goes on!

Finally, if you have any other ideas or pitches for us, please do get in touch. Pitches should be no longer than three concise paragraphs.
We very much look forward to working with you and creating something great!

To get in touch, please complete the form. 

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