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Sweatshop — Brooklyn, New York

Created as the product of coffee-shop hot-desking, owners Luke Woodard and Ryan De Remer merged the concept of an Australian-style cafe with the functional aesthetic of a design studio.


Finds: Lagom #6 special

Every month we bring you our collection of ‘Finds’, but this one is special: we’ve put Finds into our latest issue for the first time ever, and so this month we’re republishing that selection of Finds online. All photos and styling by us.


May Finds

From a stylish chair made with traditional Mexican techniques, to environmentally friendly topographic coasters to put your fruity cup of Ethiopian coffee on, we bring you our finds for this month.


Snickarbacken 7 — Stockholm, Sweden

What were formerly stables in the late 1800s now stand as one of Stockholm’s most notable attractions for those in pursuit of the perfect cup.


Book of the Month: What I Know About Running Coffee Shops

Colin Harmon — founder of Dublin’s renowned specialty coffee house 3fe — offers a helping hand in book form to all those currently working and operating within the specialty coffee industry, as well as those wishing to manage their own space.


A recap of The London Coffee Festival 2017

For 3 years now, the allure of The London Coffee Festival has enticed caffeine-lovers everywhere. The festival is a celebration of the city’s vibrant coffee scene and gives roasters, product manufactures, baristas, and other industry professionals the opportunity to share their love and knowledge of the world’s favourite beverage.


Our essential guide to coffee shops to visit during the Prague Coffee Festival

We’ve condensed the essentials of our feature on Prague’s coffee scene into this handy accompaniment to the Prague Coffee Festival​.

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